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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Global Obesity Prevention Center

Uniting Science To Policy And Action
Using innovative research and systems science approaches, we’re helping policy makers to promote better health through change. Read More
Virtual Baltimore Laboratory
We are developing a model of Baltimore and its food environment. Think Sim City with real data for urban design! Read More

The GOPC is changing the way the world fights the global obesity epidemic with a new systems approach.

Because the obesity epidemic is the result of a complex system of factors, from individual behaviors to international economic policies, it requires a systems approach—one that transformed manufacturing and eradicated small pox in the last century. The systems approach integrates research, innovation, education, policy and action.

The Center unites experts, stakeholders and projects from around the world, and it is home to researchers with expertise in a wide range of disciplines. Through this global and systems approach, the Center is developing state-of-the-art methods to control the obesity epidemic around the world.

Global Approach


Our experts strive to become catalysts for solutions to the obesity epidemic across the globe.

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Systems Science

reduced globe computer

Systems science approaches problems from a multi-scale perspective in order to tackle the dilemma at all levels.

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A problem so persistent, complicated and global requires innovative and outside-the-box solutions.

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Systems Science Applications in Childhood Obesity Research

The Johns Hopkins Global Obesity Prevention Center Seminar Series in Systems Science and Obesity.