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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Global Obesity Prevention Center

Uniting Science to Policy and Action
Using innovative research and systems science approaches, we’re helping decision and policy makers to promote better health through change. Read More
Fighting Obesity Through Technology
Our researchers have developed one of the first agent-based models designed for policy makers to use to address obesity in a specific setting or community. Read More

A New Systems Approach to the Obesity Epidemic

The global obesity epidemic results from a complex system of policy, economic, environmental, social, behavioral and physiological factors and relationships. Tackling any complex global challenge—whether military, environmental, technological or health-related—requires innovative, dedicated approaches and solutions that address the system as a whole. The Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) takes a global and a systems approach—one that has transformed many other fields. By convening experts, stakeholders and projects around the world—including disciplines and experts who’ve not traditionally worked on obesity (such as computer science and engineering)—we’re developing systems strategies to take on the obesity epidemic.

Global Approach

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Our experts strive to develop solutions that transcend community and economic borders.

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Systems Science

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Systems science has transformed many fields, including manufacturing and transportation.

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A problem so persistent, complicated and global requires innovative and outside-the-box solutions.

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Systems Science Applications in Childhood Obesity Research

The Johns Hopkins Global Obesity Prevention Center Seminar Series in Systems Science and Obesity.