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Project 1 Research

Phase 1: Research using electronic health records and secondary data sources for community assessment



  • Obtained data from Geisinger electronic health record on 205,000 children between 3 and 18 years of age.
  • After geocoding, 163,820 children included in analysis.
  • There is much longitudinal data from BMI trajectory modeling (TABLE 1).
  • These children reside in 1,294 communities.
  • Body mass index trajectories are being modeled as a function of individual-level and community factors.
  • There is large variation in community factors (TABLE 2).
  • There is spatial variation in the food environment (FIGURE 1).
  • There is spatial variation in proportion of over-weight children by community (FIGURE 2).
  • BMI trajectories vary by many individual-level medical and sociodemographic features (FIGURE 3).