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Project 2 Publications

Coming Soon from B’More Healthy Communities for Kids

Gudzune K, Welsh C, Lane E, Chissell Z, Anderson Steeves E, Gittelsohn. Increasing access to fresh produce by partnering urban farms with corner stores: a pilot study in a low-income urban setting.  Submitted for publication.

Coakley H. Hopkins L, Anderson Steeves E, Braunstein N, Jones-Smith J, Mui Y, Gittelsohn J.  Where Do Low-Income Children Get Food?  Combining Ground-Truthing and Technology to Improve Accuracy of Children’s Food Purchasing Behaviors. Sumbitted for publication.

Publications Related to the B’More Healthy Communities for Kids Intervention

Related Work in Corner Stores

Gittelsohn J, Suratkar S, Song H-J, Sacher S, Rajan R, Rasooly IR, Bednarek E, Sharma S and Anliker JA.  (2010) “Process evaluation of Baltimore Healthy Stores: A pilot health intervention program with supermarkets and corner stores in Baltimore City,” Health Promotion Practice, Sep;11(5):723-32.

Gittelsohn J, Song H-J, Suratkar S, Kumar M, Henry EG, Sharma S, Mattingly M, Anliker J, (2010) “An urban food store intervention positively impacts food-related psychosocial variables and food behaviors,” Health Education and Behavior, Jun;37(3):390-402.

Song HJ*, Gittelsohn J, Kim M, Suratkar S, Sharma S and Anliker JA, (2009) “” Public Health Nutrition Nov;12(11):2060-7.

Related Work in Recreation Centers

Surkan PJ, Coutinho AJ, Christiansen K, Dennisuk LA, Suratkar S, Mead E, Sharma S, Gittelsohn J. (2011) “Healthy food purchasing among African American youth, associations with child gender, adult caregiver characteristics and the home food environment,” Public Health Nutrition, Apr;14(4):670-7.

Gittelsohn J, Dennisuk LA, Christiansen K, Bhimani R, Johnson A, Alexander E, Lee M, Lee SH, Rowan M, and Coutinho A. (2013) “Development and implementation of Baltimore Healthy Eating Zones: A youth-targeted intervention to improve the food environment around recreation centers in Baltimore City” Health Education Research, Jun 13. [Epub ahead of print], doi: 10.1093/her/cyt066.

Dennisuk LA, Coutinho AJ, Suratkar S, Surkan P, Christiansen K, Riley M, Anliker JA, Sharma S, Gittelsohn J. (2011) " Food expenditures and food purchasing among low-income urban African-American youth." Am J Prev Med,

Related Work in Carry-Out Restaurants

Lee SH, Rowan M, Powell L, Newman S, Anderson J, Klassen C, Frick K, Gittelsohn J. (2010) “Characteristics of prepared food sources in low-income neighborhoods of Baltimore City.” Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 49(6): 409-430.

Lee SH, Bleich S, Kim HJ, Gittelsohn J. “Environmental intervention at carryouts increases sales of healthy menu item sales in a low-income urban setting” (Manuscript submitted to Public Health Nutrition, June 2012).

Lee SH, Goedkoop S, Yong R, Batorsky B, Hoffman V, Jeffries J, Hamouda M and Gittelsohn J. (2013) “Development and implementation of the Baltimore Healthy Carry-outs Feasibility Trial: Process Evaluation Results,” BMC Public Health, 13:638. DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-13-638.