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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Our Organization

The Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) is comprised of several large-scale projects and cores. 

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Led by the GOPC's Executive Director, the Administrative Core is the hub of the GOPC. It upholds the Center’s mission and vision by working with unit and project leaders, representatives from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and external collaborators to coordinate and maximize the effectiveness of the GOPC's administrative, financial and communications processes.



This core includes experts and specialists who develop an array of computational approaches, methods, models and tools in order to tackle communicable and non-communicable  diseases (NCDs) as well as other public health challenges. Our team works closely together with project scientists and researchers around the globe to develop simulation models and other innovative tools designed to evaluate the multiple factors at play within various systems. In addition to working with our own faculty and staff, our program assists outside stakeholders to help them better understand and address public health challenges including obesity as a complex, multi-scale issue, and to help them use scientific models and tools to influence decision making and policies. 


The Education and Training Program seeks to increase the number of public health researchers applying systems science theories and methods to the obesity epidemic. We provide trainees from around the United States and the world with a range of opportunities designed to motivate them as systems thinkers and researchers. We seek to provide the next generation of scientists with cutting-edge methods to apply in solving the obesity epidemic and other complex problems.


Our projects are designed to study the complex causes of obesity and create sustainable solutions in the United States and around the world.  For details about our projects and innovative approaches, see Our Projects Page.