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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Claudia Nau, PhD, MA

Former Research Fellow, Systems Science Core
Former Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of International Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Claudia Nau received her BA/MA in Economic and Social History from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and earned an MA and PhD in Sociology and Demography from The Pennsylvania State University.

Her research focuses on identifying approaches to build healthier communities and on developing sustainable obesity prevention strategies. For example, she has assessed the effect of community deprivation on BMI across childhood and adolescence and used machine learning methods to identify the combination of risk factors that, jointly, best allow to differentiate obesogenic and obsoprotective communities. She has also built a model that mimics beverage sales of two Baltimore corner stores to design pricing interventions that increase the consumption of water and decrease the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages while maintaining profit for store owners. Dr. Nau is particularly interested in health equity approaches and seeks to involve key stake holders in developing solutions for obesity prevention. She has recently received funding for a pilot grant that was developed in collaboration with store owners to bring corner store owners and business experts together to develop strategies to render the stocking and sales of healthy foods profitable.

Representative Publications