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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Daniel Taber, PhD, MPH

Former Visiting Scholar, Education and Training Program
Assistant Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
University of Texas School of Public Health

Dr. Taber is an expert in childhood obesity policy research at the University of Texas School of Public Health. He has led several evaluations of state laws governing school nutrition standards and physical education requirements, including one of the first longitudinal studies that found competitive food laws were associated with lower student weight gain. He often speaks to national and international leaders about the role of public policy in reducing obesity.

In 2012, he obtained a K99/R00 grant to apply system dynamics to his policy research. He is studying how economic and neighborhood factors (e.g., beverage taxes, zoning codes) modify school policy effects, and whether these factors contribute to racial/ethnic disparities in obesity. His is also interested in applying systems science to other sectors related to obesity (e.g., public transportation systems.)  

Representative Publications: