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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Gabriela Milhassi Vedovato, MS, PhD Candidate

Former Visiting Scholar, Baltimore Project
PhD Candidate, Department of International Health

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Gabriela Milhassi Vedovato, MS, and PhD candidate at Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Center for Human Nutrition, Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, hosted by Dr Joel Gittelsohn for an internship and engagement in B’More Healthy Communities for Kids (BHCK) project, conducted by the GOPC.

Her work focuses primarily on the Nutritional Environment Assessment in Santos City, southeast of Brazil, which integrates geospatial and system science approaches to better understand how the food and built environment influence food-related behaviors and nutritional outcomes. This Brazilian research group, led by Dr Paula Andrea Martins, also has been doing formative research to implement a planned food store intervention trial in a low-income urban area in Santos. Ms. Vedovato has experience in community building and health education, and her work focuses on community-based strategies for prevention and control of obesity and other diet-related chronic disease.