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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Kushi Ranganath

Former Asst. Analyst, Systems Science Core
Undergraduate Student, Department of Public Health and Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University

Kushi is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University double majoring in Public Health and Neuroscience. She is an aspiring physician with a long-standing interest in metabolic disease and obesity. Kushi is currently involved in clinical research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences where she studies the neural and behavioral correlates of obesity in children and adolescents.

Kushi is also interested in exploring how policy-level approaches can combat obesity. She was recently awarded the Johns Hopkins Woodrow Wilson Research Fellowship to study how local supermarkets can be targeted to improve obesity prevalence in Baltimore. These interests brought Kushi to the GOPC’s Virtual Population for Obesity Prevention (VPOP) Laboratory where she helped with developing obesity-related agent based models that evaluate the potential impact of policy-level obesity interventions.