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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Ramya Ambikapathi, MHS

Former Sr. Analyst, Systems Science Core (SSC)
PhD Student, Department of International Health, 
Program in Human Nutrition
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Ramya Ambikapathi is a fourth doctoral candidate in the Program of Human Nutrition. She received her BS in Environmental Science from UMBC and MHS in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control from JHSPH. After living in South Africa, she decided to focus her research work on issues related to child nutrition, food security and food access.

Ramya’s thesis research will measure the long-term impact of ENSO, river level, and other weather variables on food prices and dietary intake with the aim to help identify vulnerable areas, possible nutritional interventions and climate change policies to improve child nutrition at the local level in Peru.

While part of the GOPC Hermes Team, she explored the journey of vegetable(s) from farm to table, through research of technology, pricing, marketing, and other mechanisms required at each phase including farming, wholesale, retail and consumer level.