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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Annemarie G. Hirsch, PhD, MPH

Site PI at Geisinger, Pennsylvania Project
Research Investigator, Center for Health Research
Geisinger Health System 

Annemarie Hirsch is a chronic disease epidemiologist. Her research focuses on the epidemiological parameters of chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and sinus disease as well as on care delivery strategies around the prevention, detection, and management of these conditions

Dr. Hirsch’s approach to this research includes the use of large clinical datasets, including electronic health record (EHR) data and administrative claims data, supplemented with qualitative and quantitative approaches to primary data collection. Dr. Hirsch’s interest is in developing and implementing novel strategies for leveraging these large data sets to measure and improve health outcomes. 

Using EHR data, she’s conducted the first case-control study of the collateral impact of adult bariatric surgery on BMI trajectories of children living with surgery patients.  During her work with the GOPC, she has collaborated with investigators to leverage EHR data to study correlates of pediatric obesity and recently published our initial findings.

Representative publications:

For a full publications list, see here.