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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Shawn T. Brown, PhD

Director of Computational Research, Systems Science Core
Director of Public Health Applications, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Carnegie Mellon University

Shawn T. Brown received his PhD. in Chemistry from the University of Georgia in 2001 and is an expert in scientific simulation and modeling.  He leads a team of developers, scientists and modelers in research spanning agent-based modeling of public health systems, obesity prevention, and mitigating infectious disease spread; supply chain modeling for immunization, agri-food, and other public health commodities in low and middle income countries; and development of computational infrastructure for public health decision support. 

He also leads the software development of several computational models and platforms and manages the software development of the VPOP agent-based modeling tool to address obesity at the Global Obesity Prevention Center.  

Representative Publications:

For a full publications list, see here.