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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Brian S. Schwartz, MD, MS

Co-Lead, Pennsylvania Project
Professor, Departments of Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, and Medicine, Geisinger Center for Health Research
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Brian Schwartz is an environmental epidemiologist interested in how community and healthcare delivery factors influence childhood body mass index trajectories and risk of obesity. Dr. Schwartz is the co-leader of the Pennsylvania Project at the GOPC. This project is an exercise in big data epidemiology, using electronic health record data from 2001 to 2012 from 163,000 geocoded children aged 3 to 18 years in 1,300 communities in 40 counties in central and northeastern Pennsylvania. We are linking the child data to longitudinal information on community land use, food, physical activity, and social environments. In Phase 2, we are collecting additional data from children, parents, and communities, including measurement of DNA methylation in five candidate genes.

For more information read full bio and visit Geisinger Center for Health Research.

Representative Publications:

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