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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Timothy H. Moran, PhD

Director of Behavioral and Biological Research
Director of the Education and Training Program (ETP)
Paul R. McHugh Professor, Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Joint Appointments: Department of International Health, Social and Behavioral Interventions, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Tim Moran received his BA in Psychology from Trinity College and completed his MA and PhD in Psychology at the Johns Hopkins University.  He joined the faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as the Adolf Meyer Fellow in 1984 and was promoted to professor in 1992.   He was named the inaugural Paul R. McHugh Professor of Motivated Behaviors in 1999.

Dr. Moran’s research interests are in brain/behavior relationships as they apply to the controls of food intake and body weight.  The work has focused on brain/gut peptides as feedback controls of meal size and how these interact with neural systems involved in overall energy balance and reward processing with a focus on how decisions about what and when to eat go awry in eating disorders and obesity.  Additional projects examine how gestational and early developmental factors can bias metabolic and neural programming to contribute to obesity and the effects of exercise on diet preference and overall energy balance.  Experiments are conducted at multiple levels using cell and animal models as well as normal and patient populations.

Representative Publications:

For a full publications list see here.