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Global Obesity Prevention Center

In the News - 2018




Sports Betting in the Public Interest



Systems Approaches And Methods Could Transform Nutrition



America’s $55.5 Billion Food Safety Problem By Francine L. Shaw

Dozens get sick from salmonella outbreaks

The Tremendous Cost of Foodborne Illnesses, and What to Do About it

The Financial Impact of the Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak Isn't Over



Amazon, ESPN, NHL, USTA Join Project Play 2020, an Aspen Institute-Led Initiative

Childhood Obesity Is High In Home Of Mediterranean Diet

Coffee Talk: Healthy Or Not?

The Fight Over Who Leads The Health Team

A Healthy Return

Why You Eat More At Night — And How To Curb Your Hunger

Sindiso's Farewell Story

Childhood Obesity: Investigating the Contributing Factors

Johns Hopkins: A Foodborne Illness Outbreak Could Cost a Restaurant Millions, Study Suggests



HERMES Public Health Modeling Software Released

Patients with a rare stomach disorder express alarm as TV news promotes nerve freezing for weight loss

Whole Foods, Texas-raised chef face backlash for California restaurant named Yellow Fever

Single foodborne illness outbreak can cost businesses millions

Study: Expensive Foodborne Outbreaks Could Be Prevented If Sick Employees Are Given Adequate Sick Time

Next Generation Vaccine Supply Chain Software Available

Why the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak affects mostly women

Here’s Why Restaurants Need to be Careful About Food Contamination

One Single Foodborne Outbreak Has a Huge Impact On Restaurants, Study Shows

Foodborne Illnesses Can Mean Financial Ruin for Restaurants

Restaurants Could Save a lot of Dough by Letting Sick Employees Stay Home

Here’s What it Costs Sestaurants When a Foodborne Illness Outbreak Occurs

A Foodborne Illness Outbreak Could Cost a Restaurant Millions, Study Suggests

Health Buzz: Eating What They Want Without Gaining Weight

The Disgusting New Coffee Trend You Don't Want To Hear About



4 in 10 American adults are now obese, CDC reports

A craving for sweets is not an addiction

Freezing This Nerve Could Trick Your Body into Losing Weight

A man in the U.K. got a case of 'super-gonorrhea' — are you at risk too?



How chocolate and sugary things may prime your brain to want more

Binge eating at night? Your hormones may be to blame



FDA, experts cite safety risks of therapy that injured 2 MSU players

Johns Hopkins: Using Computer-Simulation Modeling to Design and Test Obesity Prevention and Control Policies

We're learning more about why eating late is so bad for you

This time of day may be riskiest for overeating

Chances of overeating increase in evening as hunger hormone levels rise, study suggests

The Truth About the Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

Good genes? How can Trump eat a lot of fast food, exercise little and be healthy?

What Is Gaming Disorder, and Should You Be Worried About It?

Roundhouse Radio with Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA