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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Global Obesity Prevention Center

In the News

August 2018

Sports Betting in the Public Interest

July 2018

Systems Approaches And Methods Could Transform Nutrition

June 2018

America’s $55.5 Billion Food Safety Problem By Francine L. Shaw

Dozens Get Sick From Salmonella Outbreaks

The Tremendous Cost of Foodborne Illnesses, and What to Do About it

The Financial Impact of the Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak Isn't Over

May 2018

Amazon, ESPN, NHL, USTA Join Project Play 2020, an Aspen Institute-Led Initiative

Childhood Obesity Is High In Home Of Mediterranean Diet

Coffee Talk: Healthy Or Not?

The Fight Over Who Leads The Health Team

A Healthy Return

Sindiso's Farewell Story

Why You Eat More At Night — And How To Curb Your Hunger

Childhood Obesity: Investigating the Contributing Factors

Johns Hopkins: A Foodborne Illness Outbreak Could Cost a Restaurant Millions, Study Suggests

April 2018

HERMES Public Health Modeling Software Released

Patients with a rare stomach disorder express alarm as TV news promotes nerve freezing for weight loss

Whole Foods, Texas-raised chef face backlash for California restaurant named Yellow Fever

Single foodborne illness outbreak can cost businesses millions

Study: Expensive Foodborne Outbreaks Could Be Prevented If Sick Employees Are Given Adequate Sick Time

Next Generation Vaccine Supply Chain Software Available

Why the romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak affects mostly women

Here’s Why Restaurants Need to be Careful About Food Contamination

One Single Foodborne Outbreak Has a Huge Impact On Restaurants, Study Shows

Foodborne Illnesses Can Mean Financial Ruin for Restaurants

Restaurants Could Save a lot of Dough by Letting Sick Employees Stay Home

Here’s What it Costs Sestaurants When a Foodborne Illness Outbreak Occurs

A Foodborne Illness Outbreak Could Cost a Restaurant Millions, Study Suggests

Health Buzz: Eating What They Want Without Gaining Weight

The Disgusting New Coffee Trend You Don't Want To Hear About

Health Buzz: Eating What They Want Without Gaining Weight

March 2018

4 in 10 American adults are now obese, CDC reports

Freezing This Nerve Could Trick Your Body into Losing Weight

A craving for sweets is not an addiction

February 2018

How chocolate and sugary things may prime your brain to want more

Binge eating at night? Your hormones may be to blame

January 2018

FDA, experts cite safety risks of therapy that injured 2 MSU players

Johns Hopkins: Using Computer-Simulation Modeling to Design and Test Obesity Prevention and Control Policies

We're learning more about why eating late is so bad for you

This time of day may be riskiest for overeating

Chances of overeating increase in evening as hunger hormone levels rise, study suggests

The Truth About the Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

Good genes? How can Trump eat a lot of fast food, exercise little and be healthy?

What Is Gaming Disorder, and Should You Be Worried About It?

Roundhouse Radio with Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA

December 2017

Excessive Video Gaming to be Named Mental Disorder by WHO

Food Warning Label May Help Reduce US Obesity Rate

Ga. doctor prescribed weight-loss drug to patients she never saw

How Losing Weight After 50 Could Save $36,278

Before You Try the Ketogenic Diet, Read This

November 2017

6 Reasons You're Gaining Back All the Weight You Lost

Number of people sickened at oyster event at Ocean City restaurant rises

Can You Really Fix Your Metabolism with the Keto Diet?

Obesity Rising: Can We Do Anything to Reverse This Deadly Trend?

Focused on ending hunger, Africa neglects rising obesity

As a mom with ADHD, I rely on fidget spinners

October 2017

New Study Illustrates How Weight Loss Helps Your Wallet

Philly airport offers ‘natural experiment’ on soda tax

How airport vendors could use Philly's soda tax to hike prices

Philly’s new tax on soda makes prices bubble up

Losing weight can help you save money, no matter how old you are

The Amount of Money You Save by Losing Weight Is Absolutely Insane

Why Losing Weight at Any Age Can Save You Up to $30,000

This Is the Crazy Amount of Money You Can Save by Losing Weight

These Johns Hopkins Researchers Determined How Much Money You Can Save By Losing Weight

This Is How Much Money You Can Save By Losing Weight

September 2017

Losing weight gives you a fat wallet

U.S. Pays a Hefty Price for Obesity

Obesity exacts high productivity penalty along with higher medical costs

Study Calculates How Much You’ll Save If You Lose Weight

Want to save thousands of dollars? Lose weight, study says

Weight reduction results in lifetime cost savings

Losing Weight Can Save You a Lot of Money

The Post-Antibiotic Era is Here. Now What?

Losing weight at any age leads to cost savings, Johns Hopkins study suggests

Study: Weight Loss Saves Obese Adults Nearly $30,000

Savings from weight loss peak at age 50

Losing weight can save you lots of money

The Crazy Amount Of Money Losing Weight Can Save You

Weight Loss Saves Obese Adults Nearly $30,000, According to Study

Diversity & Inclusion in Sport: THE RANGE | A Diverse & Inclusive American Tennis Landscape

Brain Scans Offer Clues to Obesity in Teens

August 2017

How to lose weight? Get your brain under control

How someone's brain reacts to 'food cues' could help predict future obesity

Do ‘food words’ offer a new way to predict obesity?

If You Always Go To Sleep Feeling Hungry, Here's What You Should Do About It

Physical Inactivity is Everyone’s Problem

Physical inactivity, screen time increasing child obesity in MENA

Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Higher BMI, Cardiometabolic Risk

July 2017

You Asked: Am I Gaining Muscle Weight or Fat From My Workout?

The more you talk about food, the more you will eat

S​enator calls for regulation of "snortable chocolate​"

June 2017

Can Ralph Wilson's $5 million gift be a game changer for sedentary kids?

Are current exercise guidelines too demanding?

Drones to the Rescue

The End of an Era for Cara

This Is How Many Hours Of Sleep Lebron James Gets A Day

'Healing Stickers': Where's The Science Behind These Health Claims

Vibrating Yoga Pants: Now You Can Listen To Your Yoga Pants

Global Obesity Epidemic: New Study Shows How Big A Problem It's Become

Blood from the Sky: Zipline’s Ambitious Medical Drone Delivery in Africa

1 in 10 people on Earth is obese, report finds

Study: More Than 2 Billion People Worldwide Obese

CDC Warns: Don't Get Too Close To Your Chickens, Ducks And Geese

What's The Science Behind Compression Tights Helping You Run?

Kids With TV In Bedrooms More Likely To Become Overweight

Mike Bloomberg: More Needs To Be Done To Prevent World's New Biggest Killer

May 2017

Three Good Samaritans In Oregon: Why They Need To Be Honored

Early Return For Petra Kvitova Is Good, Five Months After Knife Attack

What's In Your Drink? The Straw That May Detect Date Rape Drugs

This Is Garbage, And It's Quite Nutritious

Here Are The Next Steps To Tackling The Opioid Epidemic

'Rib Cage Bragging': Beware Of This New Body Trend

Here's The Science Behind The Fidget Spinner Craze

Friday's Events Showed How Cyber Attacks May Hurt And Kill People

Ugh, Look At What Could Be In Your Sushi

Nets' Jeremy Lin Describes Bullying In College: Why You Should Care

POW: Here Comes A Tick Disease That's Worse Than Lyme

Here's What Rep. Raul Labrador May Have Meant When He Said Nobody Dies

Penn State Hazing Death Shows How You Can Get Charged With Manslaughter

Gray Death: The Most Powerful New Opioid Combo That's Risky Even To Touch

Loretta Lynn Suffers A Stroke, Which May Be More Common Than You Realize

Mild Zika outbreak could cost $183 million

Cost of Zika outbreak in the United States could be high

Hopkins researcher says mild Zika outbreak could cost at least $183 million

A New Hope: Vaccine Supply Chains Get More Attention

Overweight kids are costing America billions

More physical activity among children will save America billions

Modest increases in physical activity for U.S. kids could save billions in future costs

Here's How Much Children's Physical Inactivity Is Costing You

Child’s Play Is Good for All of Us

Modest increase in physical activity would save $22 billion in lost wages, medical costs

Getting Kids To Run Around Would Save The U.S. Billions

Modest increases in kids' physical activity could avert billions in medical costs

April 2017

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Shows Why You Should Be Wary Of Back Surgery

Here's What's Meant By Shannen Doherty's Breast Cancer Being In Remission

Napercise: Why Nap For Free When You Can Pay For It?

Crash Test Dummies: Here's What The Obesity Epidemic Is Doing To Them

2017 Award Recipients

Medical Schools Vary in Quality of Obesity Education

Look What Happens When You Pay Attention To Neglected Tropical Diseases

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Didn't Get Enough Time To Do What He Wanted

United And Now American Airlines Incidents Show It's Time To Improve Flying Conditions

Serena Williams May Be Pregnant, But Her Career's Not Over By A Long Shot

In Berkeley, Soda Tax Is Doing What It's Supposed To Do

How One Medical School Is Dealing With Too Much Information

Amy Schumer's Swimsuit Cover Has Nothing To Do With A 'Fat' Agenda

Obesity And Diabetes Kill More Than Initially Thought, According To New Study

The Data Show Hospitals Need To Do Better At Protecting Your Personal Data

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Reportedly Wants NFL To Stop Banning Marijuana

Tyra Banks Removes Age Limits For 'America's Next Top Model'

Mattthew Perry Reveals Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Bully Others

The Science Behind Louis C.K.'s Love Of Naps

March 2017

2017’s Fattest Cities in America

Here's America's Third Leading Cause Of Death And What Trump's Budget May Do

Study Re-Emphasizes: If You Want To Advance Science, Try Explaining It More Simply

Actor Dr. Ken Jeong Answers (And Mocks) Medical Questions On Twitter

Stop Wasting Doctors' Time And Resources By Overtesting Them

Study: Whole-Body Vibration May Reduce Weight Like Running On A Treadmill, But...

Bill Gates Is Right: USAID Is Not Just Foreign Aid, It Aids The U.S.

The New Wonder Woman Movie Trailer And The Battle Over Her Armpits

Subway Uses Lab Tests To Try To Show Its Chicken Isn't Soy

Three New Studies Suggest Gender And Racial Bias In Medical Training

Time To Get Rid Of The Daylight Saving Time Switch

Spurs' LaMarcus Aldridge Out Indefinitely With Heart Issue

Now Zika May Cause Heart Problems In Healthy Adults

Ubisoft's Dig Rush Video Game May Become Just What The Doctor Ordered

Study: 8 Gallons Of Pee In An Average Public Pool

Nearly One In Five LinkedIn Members Say Health Insurance Affected Job Choice

CDC Findings Warn You To Check If Your Child Is Drinking Hand Sanitizer

February 2017

Subway Denies Report That About 50% Of Its Chicken Is Not Really Chicken

Here's What's On The WHO's New Most Dangerous Superbugs List

This Picture Shows What's Really In Nutella

Study Shows That Doctors Make Better Hospital Leaders

Oscar Nominee Gift Bag Includes Some Weird Wellness Products

5 Challenges for America

Study Shows Major Limitations Of Websites That Rate Doctors

How Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Iodine Advice May Affect You

KIND CEO Daniel Lubetzky Pledges $25M To Fight Unhealthy Food Industry Influence

To Model Viki Odintcova: That Photo Was Really Not Worth Risking Your Life

Bill Gates Warns Of Epidemic That Could Kill Over 30 Million People

How Kyrie Irving Saying The Earth Is Flat Affects Your Health

Dear Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Here Are Two People You Can Give $100,000

Zika Testing Mistakes Require Re-Testing Of Over 400 Specimens

Scarlett Johansson Doesn't Think It's Natural To Be Monogamous. What Does The Science Say?

If You're Not Happy During Valentine's Day, You're Not Alone

Take These 'Most Dangerous States For Online Dating' With A Grain Of Salt

Health Tips That Helped 63-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Make SI's Swimsuit Issue

Study Says The Oldest Child Is The Smartest

The Study That Said Female Doctors Are Better Than Male Doctors

This Is What 39-Year-Old Super Bowl QB Tom Brady Eats

Study Suggests That Immigrant Doctors Provide Better Care Than U.S. Medical Graduates

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Says Burn Your Bra

How Fast Food Wrapping And Packaging Can Be Bad For Your Health

Does Your Baby Really Need That Monitor?

January 2017

Roger Federer And Serena Williams Show That Age Is Just A Number

FDA: Toxic Belladonna In Homeopathic Teething Product

Helping Women With A Number One Problem

Medical Schools Need To Teach More About Obesity And Nutrition

If You Witness Bullying Or Assault, Do Something... Or You'll Be Affected, Too

Woman Dies From Bacteria Resistant To All Antibiotics: Why Don't More People Care?

10 Ways Michelle Obama Promoted Physical And Mental Health As First Lady

10 Health Problems That The Outdoors Can Help Prevent And Treat

Despedida, Dr. Dunstan

December 2016

Top 10 Biggest Health Stories (And Cliffhangers) of 2016

Carrie Fisher Hospitalized After Cardiac Arrest On Airplane

USDA Clarifies What 'Sell By' And 'Best If Used By' Food Labels Really Mean

Pokémon GO Is Going, Going, Gone As A Physical Activity Fad

Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford Dislocates Finger: What Does This Mean?

Are Chiropractors Backing The Anti-Vaccine Movement?

Breakthrough Awards Give Scientists Some Celebrity Treatment, But It's Not Enough

Stephen Hawking Is Right But Also Wrong About Obesity

Remember This New Potential Benefit of Sex

November 2016

Food Fight: Breitbart News Asks Readers To Boycott Kellogg's Products

High Schoolers Punch Martin Shkreli In The Face, Figuratively

15 Tips To Cook Turkey Safely And Make America Gravy Again

Fake News, Other Trends Make Scientific Publishing A Growth Industry

Kaley Cuoco Admits To Plastic Surgery: Why Don''t Others?

Surprise Medical Bills: Why They Occur And What To Do

Using Dirt On Your Phone To Get The Dirt On You

Patriots' Rob Gronkowski May Have A Punctured Lung

5 More Locations Pass Soda Taxes: What's Next For Big Soda?

'60 Minutes' Interview: What Donald Trump Said About Healthcare

'Save The Planet' Really Should Be 'Save Humans'

World Pneumonia Day: Progress But Also 5 Troubling Trends

What Trump's Victory Says About America's Mental State

Changes In Medical Resident Work Hour Limits Doesn't't Solve Big Problems

University tries out ban on sweetened beverages

Will Chicago Cubs' Win Lead To More Babies?

Is California Proposition 61 Really The Right Treatment For Rising Drug Prices?

An Overlooked And Growing Market: People With Disabilities

October 2016

Depressing News About Birth Control Hormones For Both Men And Women

Was Glenn's Violent Death On 'The Walking Dead' Too Much?

Cleveland Indians Fans: Unhealthy And Healthy Ways To Deal With Disappointment

What Donald Trump, Richard Branson And Salma Hayek Say About Trump And Getting Revenge

Model Katie May's Death Raises More Questions About Chiropractors

Olympian Missy Franklin's Solution To Improving Your Body Image

What Do The Presidential Debate And Constipation Have In Common?

Donald Trump Could Become The First Orange President

Amanda Seyfried Has OCD, Which May Not Be What You Think

Adults Not Getting Vaccinated Cost The U.S. $7.1B In 2015

Did Flight Attendant Realize That Young Black Women Can Be Doctors Too?

Contaminated Devices May Lead To Deadly Infection After Open-Heart Surgery

Survey: 57% Of Americans Favor Marijuana Legalization

30 Ways To Boost How Many Steps You Take Each Day

The One Thing To Do To Stop The Obesity Epidemic

Donald Trump's Sniffling Continues: Here Are The Possible Causes

Sniffles Don't Necessarily Mean Cocaine Use But Are On This List Of Possible Signs

The Reality: Second Presidential Debate Leaves All These Questions Unanswered

Is It Fair To Ask People To Give Up Meat?

There May Be Differences In How Democrat And Republican Doctors Care For Patients

Spotting Fake Celebrity Endorsements Of Diet And Health Remedies

September 2016

Important Difference: Measles Elimination In Americas Does Not Mean Eradication Or Extinction

Here's How To Punch Martin Shkreli In The Face

Trump Vs. Clinton Round One: The 400-Pound Hacker And Other Health Issues

This Coffee Has An Ingredient Similar To Viagra

Doctors Wasting Over Two-Thirds Of Their Time Doing Paperwork

Continuing 9/11 Legacy: Lung Disease, Cancer, Mental Health Conditions, and Other Diseases

The Science Behind Obesity

Hookworm infection exerts high health and economic burden

Time To Change The 15-Minute Limit For Doctor Visits

These Blood Suckers Cost $2.5 Billion to $138 Billion Each Year

Doctors Wasting Over Two-Thirds Of Their Time Doing Paperwork

Wells Fargo Ad Underestimates Both Artists And Scientists

How Vaccines May Become Like Pants: Tailor Made For You

FDA Is Cleaning Up Antibacterial Soap

August 2016

Are Vaccines Getting To Where They Need To Go?

Selena Gomez Takes Break From Her Career Due To Lupus

Smallpox Could Return Years After Eradication

Tom Brady Gets Cut: How Can Others Avoid The Same Fate?

How Serious Is Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo's Latest Back Injury?

Donald Trump Says To Hillary Clinton: 'You're Tired!'

Australian Olympic Footballer Shows Captain How To Drink Water

$81 Million in Zika Funding: Winners And Losers

Lessons From A Terrifying Olympic Bicycle Crash

The Beginning Of The End Of Candy Bars As We Know Them?

In Plastic Surgery, Brazil Gets The Silver Medal

Yes, Philadelphians Are Swimming In Garbage Dumpsters

Zika Epidemic Worse Than Reported

In Rio, Olympic Record 42 Condoms Per Athlete

Peter Thiel Is Out For Younger People's Blood

Can This Man Help Solve The Prescription Opioid Epidemic?

There Really Is No Difference In Intelligence Between Men And Women

July 2016

Zika Has Officially Reached The U.S. Mosquito Population

Hospitals Say 'Pokemon Go Away'

Seven Misconceptions About The Global Obesity Epidemic

Here's The Scoop About Gelato Vs Ice Cream Vs Frozen Yogurt

Here's Why You Should Care That Beer Will Have Nutrition Labels

If Hunting For Pokémon Is Your Physical Activity, You Better Be Doing A Lot Of Hunting

More Bad News About Zika: Women Can Transmit Zika To Men

The Science Behind Slurpees And 'Brain Freeze'

Is Sushi 'Healthy'? It Depends

Be Careful About What Your Wearable Is Telling Others

And Now Another Problem For The Rio Olympics: Super Bacteria?

Could Brain Research From The Past 15 Years Really Be Wrong?

Sarah Silverman 'Lucky To Be Alive' After Bout With Epiglottitis

Should You Care About Pubic Hair?

How To Make Your Summer Barbecue Healthier

Aaron Rodgers Is Cutting Dairy From His Diet. Should You?

Student Awarded Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

June 2016

The Next New Frontier For Drones: Saving Lives

Pilot Project Receives Over $2 Million in Additional Funding

Drones Could Be Cheaper Alternative To Delivering Vaccines in Developing World

First tobacco taxes, then sugar taxes. Is salt next?

Too Little Folate During Pregnancy Linked To Childhood Obesity

CDC's Zika Tally will Likely Never be Accurate because of Late Start

Banning Russia From The Olympics Helps Russian Athletes

Could Canceling The Olympics For Zika Do More Harm Than Good?

Fat Shaming Starts Early As Evidenced By 'Stuff Curry'

Muhammad Ali's Greatest Health Achievements

Would You Have Expected Prince To Have Died In An Elevator Of A Fentanyl Overdose?

May 2016

Senator Ben Cardin Shows The Urgency And Scientific Approach Needed For Zika

Urgent Need For Protection Against The World's Deadliest Animal

The Dirt On Swimming Pools And Hot Tubs

What’s really concerning about the discovery of an antibiotic-resistant bug (hint: it isn’t what you’ve heard)

Why Michelle Obama, others are championing more access to sports for kids

Getting Children More Physically Active Could Save Well Over $50 Billion

Senate To Vote On Zika Funding: Ten Things You Should Know

Do The Major FDA Nutrition Label Changes Go Far Enough?

Pharmacokinetics Could Save Maria Sharapova

Kim Kardashian's Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Is Not 'Reality'

Serena Williams Shows Why You Should Not Eat Dog Food

Thank Your Mother For Your Health

6 Important Weight Loss Lessons From ‘The Biggest Loser’ Study

Very Profitable Nonprofit Hospitals...But Where Are The Profits Going?

Trump's And Sanders' Immigration Plans Would Shake The Biomedical World

April 2016

Highly Contagious Virus Sickens Nearly Million at High Cost

Norovirus, Deadly and Expensive: The Highly Contagious Stomach Bug Costs More Than $64 Billion a Year

Worldwide human and economic costs of norovirus are huge

The high cost of norovirus infections on the global community

Better to get your flu shot in the morning

A serious 'stomach flu': Norovirus costs billions of dollars of lost productivity

What Your Cravings Mean (And How to Rewire Them)

Don't Ignore This Potential Contributor To The Opioid Epidemic

What's The Evidence Behind Reports Of Prince's Percocet Overdose?

Current And Future Trends In Vending Machines

In Bizarre Video, Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Don't Seem To Understand Regulations And Risks

Prince's Death Highlights Misconceptions About The Flu

Johns Hopkins study shows coordinated effort can reduce CRE 75 percent

By Not Protecting Jeremy Lin, NBA Sends Wrong Messages To Children

Hunger hormone could be key to weight loss; procedure aims to block it

Simulating the Impact of an Urban Farm Tax Credit Policy in a Low Income Urban Setting

March 2016

How Did Martin Shkreli Ever Become A Pharmaceutical CEO?

2016’s Fattest Cities in America

Batman V Supergirl: Dawn Of Optimism?

Grocery Stores Taking More Active Roles in Health Promotion

Automating Daily Tasks Could Be Bad For Your Health

A 35-Inch Waist and Your Health: What's the Link?

Scott Kelly: A Giant Step For Health And Medicine?

February 2016

The Best Way to Keep Weight Off

Girl Scouts: Cookie 'Pushers' Contributing To Obesity?

Will Air Pollution Lead to Weight Gain?

Victory For Food Information: Judge Supports New York City's Salt Warnings

What Is Coolsculpting Or Cryolipolysis?

How Your Body Can Tell If He Or She Is Really 'The One'

Ten Super Bowl Commercials You May See

Could Concussions Become A Legal Defense?

How To Avoid The Zika Virus

Is Lowering Salt Good For Business?

Finally, More Doctors Are Specializing In Obesity Treatment

January 2016

Olympic Champion Benita Fitzgerald Mosley Named CEO Of Laureus USA

No reason to delay labeling

New Orleans: What Is The One Thing A City Can Do About Obesity?

Should You Eat Poop To Lose Weight?

The Pet Obesity Epidemic: What If Your Pet Is Overweight?

Staying Safe And Healthy During The Snow Storm

We need a whole systems approach to tackle obesity

Health Misinformation Abounds On Pinterest, Instagram And Visual Social Media

The hazards of trying to make flu shots mandatory

Can Secondhand Smoke Lead To Weight Gain?

The 10 Biggest Mistakes You Make When You're Trying To Lose 50-Plus Pounds

Ten Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes For Your Health

Is Lack Of Safe Drinking Water Linked To Obesity?

How Safe Are Heartburn Medications?

How To Avoid Restaurant Food Poisoning: Lessons From Recent Norovirus Outbreaks

Could Flame Retardants In Household Items Lead To Obesity?

Do You Drink The First Thing That You See In A Store?

8 Myths About Women Coaches (Including One About Title IX)

Watching Football: Good Or Bad For Your Health?

December 2015

Making New Year's Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

How To Handle And Store Leftovers

Should You Get Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery?

How The $2 Billion NIH Budget Increase Benefits You

Do Plus-Size Models Really Cause Obesity?

How To Reduce And Deal With Holiday Stress

Avoiding And Preventing Winter Holiday Weight Gain

Obesity Rates: A Rising Threat To Public Health And Welfare

Doctors need more training to address obesity

Are New York’s High-Salt Menu Warnings Really Necessary?

November 2015

So, You Ate Too Much...What Do You Do Now?

New York City's Attempt To Shake The Salt Habit

What Supergirl and Other Superheroes Can Teach You About Health

Oklahoma mayor put his city on a million-pound diet. Did it work?

Words That Sound 'Healthy' But Can Mean Nothing

14 Steps to Eradicating Malnutrition in 15 Years

October 2015

The World's Changing Diet

Want To Lose Weight Or Improve Your Diet? Take A Look At Your Kitchen

Frequent Antibiotics May Make Children Fatter

Why 'Anti'-Vaccination And Why Not 'Anti'-Antibiotic Overuse?

More than 35 Leading U.S. Health Organizations Launch Campaign to Improve Obesity Care

Diets and Data: Counting More Than Just Calories

Feed The World...Healthy Food

Berkeley’s Soda Tax Boosts Retail Prices of Sugary Drinks, Study Confirms

Johns Hopkins Study Links Fracking and Premature Births

September 2015

Is Public Health A Next Frontier For Hollywood?

Obesity Is Everyone's Business

Through the Eyes of a Local Baltimore City Store Owner

August 2015

GOPC's, Dr. Sara Bleich, is Part of the 2015 - 2016 Class of White House Fellows

No consistency for handling misleading health ads

American Kids Growing Larger Than Their Canadian Cousins

Baltimore Carryouts Helping to Promote Healthier Food Choices

Why Coca-Cola’s Funding of Obesity Research Crossed the Line

Obesity Center Tests Ways to Make Healthy Choices Easier

Bariatric Surgery Patients See Weight Gain After ‘Honeymoon’ Period

Is Your Medicine Making You Fat?

July 2015

Why Sit-Down Meals May Be Just As Unhealthful As Fast Food

Overeating: Is it All in Your Head?

How Can Vaccine Supply Chains Improve Access to Fresh Produce?

Baltimore Restaurant Sales Boost After Implementing Healthier Menu Options

June 2015

Additional Funding for GOPC Project

May 2015

Baltimore Passes Urban Tax Credit with Help from GOPC

April 2015

GOPC Faculty Wins AMTRA

March 2015

BHCK Hosts First Community Forum

JHSPH Ranked #1 Grad School for Over 20 Years in a Row

February 2015

Betsy Anderson Steeves' Footprint

Dr. Lee's "You Are Where You Eat" Blog Entry

BHCK Youth Leader Program

January 2015

Virtual Simulation Modeling: VPOP & BLIFE

GOPC's Newest Model

10th Annual Nestle Conference in Mexico

December 2014

Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) to Study Obesity Trajectories in Children

BHCK's Cooking Class Kickoff

Dr. Cheskin Puts the Care in Clinical Care

Dr. Saeidah Fallah-Fini’s System Approach to Obesity

November 2014

GOPC Pilot Studies Core funds 3 new projects for Round 6

Berkeley places first excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages

Vanessa Oddo wins first place poster contest at the Obesity Society

October 2014

Dr. Sara Bleich speaks to burning calories and soda consumption on NPR

New Global Obesity in Public Health course taught by GOPC faculty

Read More

The Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) at Johns Hopkins University is changing the way the world addresses the global obesity epidemic with a new systems approach.

Because the obesity epidemic is the result of a complex system of factors, from individual behaviors to international economic policies, it requires a systems approach—one that has transformed other fields and industries such as manufacturing, meteorology and transportation. The systems approach means better understanding and addressing all of the systems (e.g., biology, behavior, social networks, environment, culture, economics and policy) associated with diet, physical activity, metabolism and obesity.

Headquartered in the Department of International Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the GOPC brings together a mind meld of experts from disciplines that have traditionally worked on obesity (e.g., nutrition, psychology, epidemiology and biology) with experts new to obesity (e.g., computer science, marketing and engineering) to bring innovative methods and tools and to tackle this major global epidemic.

The GOPC works with decision makers around the world to develop sustainable obesity prevention interventions and policies on a domestic and global level. In order to effectively unite science to policy, the GOPC is connected to the leaders who can turn knowledge and research into action and policy change. 

Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) at Johns Hopkins

Check out the steps the GOPC is taking to prevent and control the major epidemic of obesity.

Global Network

small child eating

The GOPC works with partners from around the world in efforts to develop sustainable programs, projects, policies and solutions.

Learn More

Computational Tools

Systems Science

The GOPC develops and utilizes state-of-the-art computational models and various big data analytics to address obesity prevention and control.

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global connections

A problem so persistent, complicated, systemic and global requires innovative, systems thinking and solutions.

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