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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Our Projects

The Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) is home to multiple projects aimed at studying and fighting obesity from an innovative, systems level. These projects span the US and across the globe.


Virtual Population Obesity Prevention (VPOP) Labs

Project Lead: Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA


vpopThe Virtual Population Obesity Prevention (VPOP) Labs use computational simulation modeling to understand the complex systems of obesity.  The VPOP model is the first obesity-related agent-based model to include detailed representations of multiple levels from individual behavior, to social context to physical environment.  For further details, click here.

Additional Information: 
VPOP Overview Sheet
BLIFE Project Details

B’More Healthy Communities for Kids (BHCK)

Project Lead: Joel Gittelsohn, PhD


BHCK MainB’More Healthy Communities for Kids is an intervention trial operating at multiple levels of the Baltimore City food system. The study aims to increase affordability, availability and consumption of healthy foods within low-income, predominantly African-American neighborhoods.  For further details, click here.

Additional Information: 
Baltimore Project overview          Youth Leader    
                                                          Cooking Class                               Policy Working Group    
                                                          Community Forum                                                                                                                                                       

Micro-Macro Obesity Dynamics (MMOD)

Project Lead: Saeideh Fallah-Fini


MMODThis project has developed a system dynamics model that quantifies the energy imbalance gap responsible for the US adult obesity epidemic among gender and racial subpopulations.  For further details, click here.

Additional Information:
Using Systems Science in Obesity Research Publication
Dr. Fallah-Fini's Systems Approach to Obesity


Dynamics of Childhood Obesity in Pennsylvania from Community to Epigenetics

Project Lead: Thomas A. Glass, PhD
Co-Lead: Brian S. Schwartz, MD, MS


P1 Fast FoodThis study uses existing data and ongoing research to understand the dynamics of childhood obesity in a large population of children living in 1,300 Pennsylvania communities that vary in their land use, food, physical activity, and social environments.  For further details, click here.

Additional Information:
Pennsylvania Project Overview Sheet
Using a Comprehensive Electronic Health Record

Multilevel Systems-oriented Childhood Obesity Study In China

Project Lead: Youfa Wang, MD, MS, PhD
Co-Lead: Huijun Wang, MD, PhD, from China CDC


ChinaThis study uses a systems-oriented framework, with data collected in China from large cohorts. Researchers incorporate novel systems analysis to study the interplay, impact and feedback loops of the built, social, economic, environmental and policy factors and their changes on individual children and their families' decisions regarding eating, physical activity, and adiposity outcomes.


St. Vincent Greenway Evaluation: The role of local bike policies and greenways in preventing childhood obesity

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth A. Dodson, PhD, MPH


st vincentt greenwayA natural experiment study that evaluates the effects of the environmental change (implementation of the St. Vincent Greenway extension) on childhood and family health behaviors before and after the greenway is completed.  For further details, click here.