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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Brain and Appetite Research Study

Neurobehavioral Influences on Body Weight


Project Lead: Susan Carnell, PhD




pizzaObesity in childhood may not only impair current health, but could also increase the risk of obesity and poorer health in adulthood. This ongoing research project aims to investigate the biological basis of appetite and body weight in youth, using a mix of eating behavior tests, computer tasks, questionnaires and brain imaging methods.  The brain imaging method used is called functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

donutThe results of this study aim to increase our understanding of the brain and behavior differences that cause some people to become overweight while others remain lean. They may also help establish a set of early warning signs that indicate risk for becoming overweight in the future, and lay foundations for the development of new interventions to prevent and treat excessive weight gain.

Opportunity to Get Involved


This study is currently seeking adolescents (ages 14-18) and their biological mothers.  If interested in being a particpant, please email or see flyer.

Highlights, Presentations, and Publications will be updated throughout this study as it is still in progress.


Additional Information:
To learn more, please email the Global Obesity Prevention Center at Johns Hopkins directly here.