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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Regional Healthcare Ecosystem Analyst (RHEA)

Project Lead: Bruce Y. Lee, MD, MBA




hospitalHealthcare systems are complex ecosystems that include multiple acute and long-term care facilities and the communities they serve. These complex ecosystems contain a constant flow of patients and are increasingly interconnected via transfers, admissions and discharges. Changes in one or more facilities’ ecosystem can have reverberating dynamic effects that may be difficult to predict-- this is where RHEA, Regional Healthcare Ecosystem Analyst, can come into play.

nursing stationRHEA is a computational simulation model aimed to optimize healthcare ecosystems all with the safety of a computer. RHEA’s software platform allows users to model one or more healthcare facilities in order to produce strong and accurate forecasts to any changes in its ecosystem. The model includes detailed virtual representations of each healthcare facility (e.g., units/ wards and beds) in the ecosystem and virtual patients.

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Additional Information:

To learn more about this project, please email the Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) at Johns Hopkins directly here.