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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Systems-oriented Analysis of Two Multilevel, Multisector Childhood Obesity Prevention and Control Projects


Project Lead: Emmeline Chuang, PhD




Kids RunningTo more effectively prevent and control childhood obesity, federal agencies in the U.S. have begun to promote multilevel, multisector approaches that focus on changing not just individual behavior but the broader sociophysical environment in which children leave, learn, eat, and play. 

The long-term success of such approaches depends not only on their efficacy, but on the strategies through which they are implemented and sustained. This study uses a convergent mixed methods design to document intervention activities and identify determinants of implementation effectiveness in two of three state sites (MA and CA) implementing multilevel, multisector interventions as part of the Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration (CORD) project. 

By systematically examining the processes, activities, and resources affecting intervention uptake, this study will contribute to knowledge about how to effectively implement socioecological approaches to child obesity prevention and control.

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