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Global Obesity Prevention Center

Policy and Action

When it comes to fighting the obesity epidemic, some of the greatest sustainability lies at the policy level. Whether from a municipal, state, federal or international level, decision and policy makers are among the best positioned to enact change and promote better health. 


Obesity is rooted in a complex system of policy, economic, environmental, social, behavioral and physiological  factors and relationships, making it difficult to prevent and control. Despite the time, effort, and resources that have already been dedicated to this problem, the epidemic continues to grow. New approaches and solutions are needed—particularly in the policy and decision-making arena.

By bridging the divide between research, education, policy and action, the Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) is helping to develop and implement solutions from the United States to Australia to China and Saudi Arabia.


policy mapWhether through interventions focused on improving school  lunches, increasing opportunities for exercise or offering incentives for local store owners to offer healthier foods, like fruits and  vegetables, our Center is supporting policy-level projects around  the US and the globe. 

We educate policymakers, decision makers and other stakeholders about the systems-based, interdisciplinary approaches that can bring about positive change.

Some of our efforts include: