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Global Obesity Prevention Center

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With physical, psychological and economic factors that run the gamut, the obesity epidemic impacts us all. Considered one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century by the World Health Organization, approximately 65 percent of people live in countries where obesity-related illnesses kill more often than hunger does. Meanwhile, an estimated 42 million children younger than 5 years old are overweight. Of those, 35 million live in developing countries.

The Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC) at Johns Hopkins University takes a unique approach to preventing and controlling obesity around the world. Relying on an innovative array of tactics, we aim to revolutionize the fight against this epidemic by tackling each aspect of the system behind it.

Through our systems approach, expertise in developing state-of-the-art methods and tools and breadth of national and international activities and experience, we stand at the intersection of research, education, training, policy and action. The support of donors and foundations is crucial to that mission.

To find out how you can be a part of the solution, please contact Sarah Rebbert, Communications Associate at the GOPC, by phone (410) 502-3332 or by email.